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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Admit it- Everybody Wants to Be Famous

As a PR firm that specializes in placing clients in the spotlight by booking media interviews, and book publicity, I know clients need to get the word out about their businesses. I’ve realized however, that after I book them on one or two interviews, they want more. They want to keep using the media as their forum.Why?Is it because they love attention? Did they feel famous? What is it about being in the public eye that brings out the star in everyone?

I’m reminded of a great quote by Joseph Barbera- “Publicity…you want it, you need it, you crave it, and you’re scared as hell when it stops.”No one can escape the tabloids in the supermarket check out line. As much as we would like not to admit it, being famous has an alluring quality that just can’t be explained.We are bombarded with media and publicity as soon as we get up in the morning- the radio, the television, the newspaper- it is everywhere, and people will go to great lengths to hear their name mentioned hoping that the world will respond.In fact, there is a strange trend now with people writing their obituaries or even their own quotes to put on their gravestones, just to make sure they are remembered in the right light.I don’t want to die in order to be remembered - do you?Why not feel accepted and interesting to others now. Think about Publicity , Marketing, Advertising, and then think about making your mark today. Get the word out about you and your company. And if you need to know how, then give us a call!~ Crystal Dallner

Crystal Dallner, Media and Publicity Expert, is the founder of Outright Communications, a cost-effective marketing and design firm that offers Publicist services. Contact us today for all your Design, Marketing and Book Publicity needs and we’ll help get your message out. Right.