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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Google changes Publishing

Keeping up with the world of books is tough enough without some class action suit pushing traditional publishing into digital space. The effect of a new settlement with Google will essentially change the rules of copyright between the company and publishers and authors across the world. This lawsuit brought against Google in 2005 by the American Authors Guild, book authors and several American publishers was settled this week- and the ramifications are going to mean some reading up on the world of book publishing and book promotion!
( For the complete story please check out Grace Westcott's article in the Globe and Mail on Googleopoly- Feb 21, 2009)

So what does this mean for the average author? Well if your book was digitized before May 5 , 2009- with a U.S copyright which includes Canadians your check might soon be in the mail after you fill in all the paperwork- and there is alot so don't waste time!

In regards to promotion, after all of the dust settles it will change publishing, but the overall approach to book publicity will simply have to adjust to the new rules. If every consumer might be able to preview parts of books free of charge, or view them with a small purchase- or worse- be able to cut and paste parts of books to wherever you want. That might actually help book publicity. The new database that Google is offering is staggering and all book promoters are going to have to do their homework to keep up with the implications of this new massive digitization of books.

Of course the publicists at OutRight Communications are always on top of these groundbreaking decisions- so stay tuned for the latest news- and sign up for our e-zine!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kindle 2 Ignites Questions about Book Publicity

Even though Amazon's new wireless reading device Kindle 2 won't be available to Canadians for awhile, how do book promoters keep audiences interested in their authors hard copies?

Kindle 2 and other wireless readers like Cybook are just the latest products in the e- book revolution that are changing the way books are being read.

There is something a bit strange about having to recharge a book, and there are benefits to certain segments of society, but it does present challenges for book promotion and publicity. Now it's just not a question of putting your book on the shelf, how can you publicize a book when it's wedged in between the newspapers, blogs, and magazines on the Kindle 2?
At OutRight Communications, we understand that the face of publishing is changing and that the old marketing plans and tricks of the trade are becoming as outdated as quickly as the paper they were printed on.

Authors now need to look to new ways to promote their books with viral campaigns and more unconventional methods to get people to download their work and keep coming back for more. That is if you can even be chosen to have a place amidst the New York Bestsellers. Mid list authors are the ones who will pay a price for this movement in technology.

Hiring a book publicist who understands the industry and who can focus on one book at a time is going to be a necessity. It will also free up time from researching the most effective publicity methods to use.Letting a publicist do that work will mean that they also have the resources and connections to come up with the right way to market the product.

If you are interested in discussing what might work for you, our book publicity services include a non-fiction literary agent, and book publicist services, book tours, booksigning and launch coordination with bookstores. We also offer unique insight to the world of e-books on the internet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OutRight Communications Sponsor of the Get Publishing Conference 2009

OutRight Communications is proud to be a sponsor of this years Get Publishing Conference 2009! We are also presenting an interactive session called How to Market your Book: You've written a book- now what?

Hear directly from our marketing and design experts on ways to maximize your books potential. Our panelists will answer your questions about finding an agent/publisher and marketing your book, showcase winning book strategies; and we will specifically to five randomly chosen proposals.
For a chance to be one of the five, send a one page book proposal or marketing plan to info@outrightcommunications.com

At our workshop you'll receive valuable tips and and discover dos and dont's for making your book a lucrative venture.

We are looking forward to seeing and meeting all the wonderful writers and publishers that Edmonton has to offer!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Book Expo Closes- Pressure on Authors to Promote their books Rises

Book Expo Closes- Pressure on Authors to Promote their books Rises

With the closing of Toronto's Book Expo Canada by Reed Exhibitions, the pressure is on the authors for book promotion.
With so many books and only a handful of book publicists at each of the large traditional publishers,authors are now looking for alternative ways to get the word out about their product.

Many Traditional book trade shows are now in jeopardy as publishers downsize to pull the focus on their own literary events, and smaller book publishers are feeling the pinch in their marketing budgets.

That's where OutRight Communications can fill the gap. By outsourcing book publicity to our company, publishers and authors can benefit by receiving individualized attention to their books.
OutRight Communications is now offering the most complete author services in Canada from manuscript development to editing to putting a deal on the table with a publisher.
Not only that, but we offer a personal book publicist, full book promotion, the booking of tours, and we'll even drive the author to their book signings!

With venues like the Toronto Book Expo closing- authors are going to need to take a really close look at their marketing plans to ensure that their book doesn't die on the shelf.

Check out our new services including our partnership with a non-fiction literary agent!!