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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No- You Can't do Everything by Yourself

When you start your business, your passions take over and you are eager to take care of everything yourself. But as time goes on you realize you are losing yourself in the everyday operational aspects and the fun you had in the beginning is gone.

What seemed easy in the beginning can sometimes become overwhelming. It’s a common misconception that business owners can actually execute all their business activities themselves. As much as you would like to think you are an expert at every aspect of your business, you cannot do it all. Consider all the aspects of your business. Are you really an expert at marketing, webpage design, human resources, management, accounting, finances, advertising, design, creative writing, copywriting, and public media relations? I’m guessing if you are honest with yourself then the answer is, “well I know a lot of those things, but not all of them.”

With all the stress, time, and capital it takes to learn all of these business operations, you are taking the risk of producing below par work and frankly, you may end up becoming disinterested in your own business. You started your business because you have a passion for it. So how then do you avoid this mistake? Outsource!

By hiring competent team members to assist in the areas you are weaker in, you’ll have better results and people to bounce ideas off about the direction of your business. Don’t learn the hard way. If you aren’t strong in every aspect of your business, or lack the resources needed to allocate a solid marketing strategy or brand – call us. We are the experts in marketing, book publicity, advertising and design. Now stop trying to do everything yourself!

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