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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do You Stand Out Enough?

In today’s extremely competitive environment, your business design and marketing concepts need to make potential clients stop dead in their tracks. Whether its web design, graphic design, book launches or publicity,your print, radio, and TV advertisements need to scream, “Look at me!” Your website should be so unique that all the visitors will bookmark your site and tell all their friends to check you out!Here are some great ways to stand out from the competition:
  1. Your business cards are prime real estate to display what you do. If you’re a design company for example, develop an artsy card that illustrates your design abilities.
  2. Business signage should be prominent from the street with big fonts and bold colors to make drivers turn their heads as they drive by.
  3. At a trade show run a great contest, give away free samples of your work, have demonstrations of your product and design the booth to be interactive so attendees will be lured in.
Put yourself in your clients’ shoes - would you drop what you’re doing to take a second glance at your own marketing material? Every marketing initiative you implement must yield great results - so grab the attention of your target audience today through amazing branding, website design, web pages, and advertisements.

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