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Friday, January 9, 2009

Agents and Publicity- the perfect combination

So this week we are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with Brian Wood, a Literary Agent from Vancouver. Never before has book publicity, marketing, and design been combined with the skills of a literary agent to help writers and authors those final steps into the world of publishing.

Now OutRight Communications can offer something to writers that hasn't been done before- all the steps to take from the printed word to a deal on the table.
Some of Brian's latest books include:

Memphis Blues BBQ, Whitecap ( April 2008- and was #1 on the BC bestseller list for over 3 weeks- and has now sold out it's first printing)
Where People Feast: Arsenal Pulp Press- April 2007
Why the Leafs Stink: Al Strachan, HarperCollins- August 2009
Crazy Hockey Dad: Bob McKenzie, John Wiley- September 2009
A Life in the News: Tony Parsons, Harbour- October 2009

Brian's specialty is non-fiction and he's very excited about working with the team at Outright Communications, and we reciprocate the feelings.

2009 is a bold new year for the world of books and business. Make sure you join us:
Sign up for our new e-zine at www.outrightcommunications.com!

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