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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inspiration Injection

We’ve all been there.

This nagging project is on your task list, yet you are STILL looking at that blank screen or page with no ideas in sight. Sure, a brilliant idea MAY pop into your head at 3 a.m. – but deadlines can’t always wait!

Here are some techniques to spark creative ideas, ready for when YOU need them:
  • Brainstorm without boundaries. Sketch ideas. Let your mind wander to extremes, and write everything that comes to mind – good, bad or ugly. Sometimes even a bad idea can be the catalyst to a GREAT idea.
  • Take a mind-vacation. Like the watched pot that never boils, great concepts often can’t be forced. Take a break. Call a friend to chat about her day, bake a cake, work on another project, go for a walk on the beach, … Take your mind off the task at hand by working on something completely unrelated, and the solution may pop out at you!
  • Adjust your perspective. After a break, take a fresh look at the project. Putting yourself in the shoes of someone perceiving it for the first time can often shed new light on it. What does the new perspective show you?
Now, tackle that project!

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