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Friday, April 3, 2009

The right space to create

Whether you are in an office setting, or setting up shop at home, having the right space to create is incredibly important. You might not think that when you are setting up your computer and desk that it is going to make much of a difference in your productivity, but it is amazing how your work can be affected by the placement of a monitor or laptop- especially if they are in the wrong places.

You don't have to be a believer in Feng Shui to realize that facing a window is much nicer than facing a wall. At OutRight Communications, our business is built on opening the creative mind to all kinds of stimuli, and if the space we are in doesn't help us write and design- then we don't have a business!!

So take a little time to really think out your floor plan and how you want your business to run. Simple things like making a change to a wireless keyboard and mouse so you feel less constricted is one way to feel a little more freedom from your computer. Placing plants (real or fake) around you, or having a favourite inspirational poem in front of you can keep you focused and energized to work.

And most of all- don't eat your lunch at your desk!! Resist the temptation to work on your lunch break. You need that time to step back and out of your work- both your brain and body will thank you!

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