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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Auxiliary Revenue for your Business

Have you ever considered writing a book, an e-book, recording an audio cd or hosting a tele-course? How about giving speaking presentations about the topics your business offers?

Even though you are in business to sell products or services, have you thought about alternative ways to generate auxiliary revenue?

Having a product that is an extension of your current business can be very lucrative. It is also another way to get out in the public, without requiring extensive work. At least after the initial creation of the products are mapped out. Just by simply adding them to your shopping cart on your website can generate interest and make it easy for prospective clients to see all the products you produce. You can then ring in the sales while you’re sleeping!

So come on – make a list right now of all the possible products that you can develop today and start making more money!

OutRight Communications is a marketing, design and PR firm that can skillfully craft your public image. Our team works together to ensure that your message is delivered to the public, whatever your message may be. We specialize in long term image crafting, publicity, web & graphic design, press releases & media interviews, author services & book publicity, media buys, and creative writing. Get in touch today to solve your media problems!

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