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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grow Your Market Share

The doom and gloom newspaper writers and anchormen want you to believe that you have no hope against the economic down turn. That there is nothing you can do but grab onto something solid and hold on. They are wrong. Very, very wrong. For the wise, far-sighted, strategic business owners, this slow down is a blessing. Why? Because you can be smarter than your competitors. Market share is up for grabs, it's time to position yourself properly.

Many businesses are slashing their marketing budgets, filling the airwaves with horrendously poor ads. This illogical response to declining revenue has opened the door for you. Instead of cutting your budget or allowing an ad that looks cheap to represent your business, it's time to develop your brand. Take the step and allow professionals to manage your public image. Put a stop to the terrible ad campaigns your near-sighted competitors are doing and remember that your brand image is with you for the long run. Here in Edmonton, radio stations are struggling to sell ad space, something that should never be happening! Use your marketing budget wisely and get your name out. Expand your marketing to make sure your business is always growing. Becoming a house hold name means you'll always be busy. So why are you not taking steps to become a house hold name?

Watching an hour of T.V makes this point very easy to see. Corporate giants like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Disney and McDonalds are producing the same high quality ads they always have been. The leaders of those companies know that everyone is weaker right now, which means market share is up for grabs. By promoting yourself with high quality ads, you can stand out much easier during a recession than during the boom years. If your competitors have cut their ad budgets, you have the opportunity to capture the market. Now is the time to make yourself a house hold name, when your competition can’t compete.

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