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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Personal Publicity

Remember back in high school when you wrote your first resume?

It was a nice, clean, well formatted list of what you had accomplished in your working life thus far.

So does your resume with updated accomplishments still look the same as it did all those years ago?

If it does you might have a problem.

With the digital age comes the ability to have a much stronger resume. Instead of simply listing what you’ve done, you can now maintain a portfolio of work with ease. Your resume and portfolio reflect what you have successfully accomplished, and can include any media you may have garnered and some examples of your work. Avoid flash without substance but use digital mediums to show instead of tell your prospective employer the benefits of hiring you.

At OutRight Communications we write and edit comprehensive resumes, and CV’s to compliment any portfolio. If you want to have it done right- call us.

OutRight Communications is a marketing, design and PR firm that can skillfully craft your public image. Our team works together to ensure that your message is delivered to the public, whatever your message may be. We specialize in long term image crafting, publicity, web & graphic design, press releases & media interviews, author services & book publicity, media buys, and creative writing. Get in touch today to solve your media problems!

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