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Friday, June 19, 2009

Publicity Tip - Embrace your fans

The internet has completely changed economic thought. And not just in a grand, hyperbolic sense. There is a fundamental shift when a company begins to sell its products online.
A brick and mortar company is bound by the limits of its storage capacity. It can’t sell 500 000 cds because it can’t afford to have 500 000 cds on hand. This is an undeniable fact. But if you move online, you can exploit a limitless amount of inventory. Since buyers expect to wait a day or so for shipping the product, you can store those cds in a cheap warehouse. It can cost money to have a single cd under the bright lights and watchful eyes of a salesman in a store, but mere cents in simple warehouse.
The Long Tail by Chris Anderson goes into depth about what if means for the future of businesses. If you want your business to flourish in the digital age, I’d recommend this book. The general gist is this – as we move forward, the brick and mortar stores simply won’t be able to compete with the online retailers’ endless stock and cheap pricing. Instead of economics based on scarcity, it’s economics based on abundance. Chris goes over what it means from the supply chain end and what it means from the consumer end, but he doesn’t have the chance to cover the impact it has on the marketing.
So what does this change mean for you?
You need to work on marketing your product with more than ads. Ads should always be used in addition to an actual marketing plan. Online sales are generated by the most trusted and most publicized by fans of the product. That’s we why suggest embracing your fans. Try utilizing a message board, a testimonial form for them to fill out, exercise your social media tools and use publicity. Show off the satisfied people who are urging everyone to buy what you are selling. People are passionate about what they spend their money on. Let your fans work for you and give them the tools to help sell your company.

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